OA ( Bare ) Raised floor

Sàn nâng OA ( Bare )

OA ( Bare ) Raised floor


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Product description
OA (BARE) Raised floor
Plate sizes come in two types: 500x500x28 or 600x600x35.
The flooring is made of steel frame, cement core, unfinished HPL surface.
The surface can be finished with wood, carpets, vinyl ... Cover the entire cable below the floor.
Easy to disassemble, move and maintain the network.
Average weight is 13kg / plate.
Height of the stand is from 80mm - 1200mm
Plain steel reinforced concrete slabs are commonly used in finishing mats or vinyls, widely used in offices, computer laboratories, production control rooms, industrial parks, etc.

Type plate:
Designed specifically for rooms with low space
Finishing height is standard: 50mm- 100mm
Floors are raised quickly and easily
Save time and money
OA flooring is made from high quality elastic, cold rolled steel, sealed and super-lightweight cemented into the inner cavity. The flooring is protected against corrosion by the Bake powder coating. The base is galvanized with aluminum alloy, adjustable height and self-locking. The steel plate can be shaped by slicing or riveting. To meet the requirements of intelligent multifunctional buildings, the OA floor is equipped with double the wire box to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. The floor is installed by the angle bar, the floor plate is very stable, stable and easy to manipulate.
The product has been tested, certified quality and printed logo on each floor products to avoid the use of inferior quality.
 Utility for cable systems that connect computers, telephones, photocopiers, and other office equipment; Commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, libraries and other research institutes.
1) Long product lifecycle brings high economic efficiency. Accurate size, easy to change, maintain, flexible, easy to use.
2) Easy to install, easy to assemble, connect wires to outlet boxes, can reuse most of floor systems.
3) Steel structure, shock absorbers, anti-scratch, corrosion, fire, water, dust
4) Common adjustment range 35 - 150mm
5) Surface treated electrostatic paint with corrosion resistance, long-term use
6) Lower space is used for air conditioning.
7) Suitable for high-end office buildings, computer laboratories, classrooms, network rooms, and other areas requiring wire.
8) For load-bearing super-heavy equipment, load-bearing boards are solved by adding additional footrests to the floor.
With a highly trained staff, experienced in meeting the rigorous standards of product quality and technology, we have gained the trust of many partners throughout Vietnam.
We believe that the product will bring long-term cooperation to each customer.
For more information on installation, technical specifications of each item and catalog, sample products, please contact Mr. Ha: 0912 83 1616.
Sincerely thank you and look forward to working with you!

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