(Please read this warranty condition carefully at the time of purchase.)
– Equipment warranty: Your device is warranted and replaced free of charge in the event of a manufacturer defect.
– Maintenance and maintenance: Including cleaning the machine, repairing minor repairs that can be repaired (excluding equipment replacement).

Warranty terms:

– The exchanged device must still be in its original condition (no scratches, deformation,) with all the accessories attached (box, manual, …).
– Equipment is warranted free of charge if that equipment has a warranty period calculated from the date of delivery, the equipment is warranted within the warranty period indicated on the slip and in accordance with the regulations of each manufacturer. technical problems.
– There is a warranty card (book) and warranty stamp of the company on the device.
– All warranty products are checked by the warranty technician (with you) before carrying out the procedures to receive – return the warranty.
– All receipts and expenditures of the warranty center have receipts, payment slips, full signatures and full names of authorized persons of the company.
– We commit not to collect any fees, in any form for all products with full warranty standards as prescribed.

General case:

- The device is out of warranty period.
– The serial number on the device or the specifications are unknown or incorrect compared to the warranty book.
– Types of equipment such as, power switch, signal light,
- The software is provided free of charge with the machine.
– The accompanying accessories (books – manuals, boxes…) are not warranted, but customers should note that when the warranty product is renewed, changed to another equivalent product, it is necessary to have full accessories. attachments
– Arbitrarily dismantling, repairing by individuals or technicians who are not our employees.
– Equipment damage due to mechanical impact, deformation, falling, breaking, impact, cracking, distortion, broken, scratched, damaged by moisture, rust, water flow, animal intrusion, natural disaster , fire, misuse of voltage regulation, fire or explosion or human damage.
– Damage for specific cases such as bent or broken legs, fire and explosion, dented drops, blurred letters on the back of the drive, broken silver stamps, oxidized rusty circuit.
– The warranty card (book), the warranty stamp is torn, the warranty stamp is no longer, the warranty stamp is overwritten, or the warranty stamp is modified (including the original warranty stamp).
– In case your device is stamped with our warranty, the warranty department will compare it with the number of coupons written on the warranty stamp and the original number of coupons kept at the company, if the original coupon does not have the device. above, your device is not covered by warranty (maybe the company's warranty stamp is lost or used to stick on the device). Wish you sympathize.
– Warranty does not include shipping and delivery.
About us
Hoang Ha Industrial Group – IBT Group, formerly known as Hoang Ha Trade Promotion Investment Joint Stock Company and IBT Hanoi Co., Ltd., was developed and established in 2012. Up to now, IBT Group has become become one of the leading corporations in Vietnam operating with 3 main business segments:
- Industrial Finishing Materials
- Civil interior and exterior materials
- Manufacture of Paints, Glues and Cosmetic chemistry