HOANG HA INDUSTRIAL GROUP – COSMO paint company was developed and established in 2012. With a sustainable development investment strategy, strives to become a Vietnamese brand, showing the intellectual stature and pride of Vietnam. COSMO paint company has launched high-class products and services that satisfy the needs of consumers and are highly appreciated by consumers.
With the goal of focusing on customers, taking customers as the center of our development. The Group has invested in machinery and equipment as well as production technology and has successfully produced paint products with high coverage compared to other brands in the market. With high coverage, users of COSMO paint products will benefit from cost savings.
Along with the investment in production technology, COSMO has implemented and applied the quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. With this quality management system, it will help the company manage product quality to be stable, thereby continuously improving product quality.
With the application of the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 is a proof that Hoang Ha Industrial Group - COSMO Paint Company commits to customers about the stable product quality.
With pioneering aspirations and investment strategy - sustainable development, COSMO strives to become a Vietnamese brand, demonstrating the intellectual stature and pride of Vietnam in the international arena.
For shareholders and partners: Upholding the spirit of cooperation for mutual development; commitment to become a "reliable companion" of partners and shareholders; always increase attractive and sustainable investment values.
For employees: Build a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; create conditions for high income and fair development opportunities for all employees.
For society: Harmonizing business interests with social interests; actively contribute to community-oriented activities, demonstrating the sense of civic responsibility and national pride.
COSMO values ​​and principles in all its activities:
– Consider human resources as the most valuable asset, the strength of COSMO; solidarity and dedication are the human values ​​of each person in the group;
– Consider profit as a measure of the perfection of the product, the customer's evaluation for his efforts.
– For businesses, COSMO values ​​and maintains relationships of mutual benefits and development.
– Integrity and honesty is a cultured behavior that is a key factor for coexistence and development.
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About us
Hoang Ha Industrial Group – IBT Group, formerly known as Hoang Ha Trade Promotion Investment Joint Stock Company and IBT Hanoi Co., Ltd., was developed and established in 2012. Up to now, IBT Group has become become one of the leading corporations in Vietnam operating with 3 main business segments:
- Industrial Finishing Materials
- Civil interior and exterior materials
- Manufacture of Paints, Glues and Cosmetic chemistry