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JSC Investment and Trade Promotion Yellow wishes Happy Health, Happiness and respectfully greeting to customers has always interested trust, select products, our services during too.
JSC Investment and Trade Promotion Yellow (IBT) was established with the main field of business is to provide installation and consulting solutions for plastic flooring, vinyl flooring industry as well as plastic flooring, vinyl flooring people in Vietnam. IBT has established the distribution system in the provinces and cities nationwide to respond promptly and quickly to the needs of our customers.


Expenses for standard badminton courts

You are in demand as standard badminton courts? You are wondering selected construction units vinyl floor badminton court with the best quality of the...

Conductive vinyl floor tiles antistatic

Is a man-made materials are composed by the main components: - Plastic (PVC primeval, renewable) - Carbon fiber - Additives: create solid, scratch-resistant,...

Hanwha plastic floor - Solutions for floors and rotting termite

Wooden Floors concern is where the risk is always top of the dam to a construction made of wooden panels even with solid wood

Hoang Ha (IBT),The optimal solution for your floor !

Hoang Ha (IBT) reputable contractors for finishing construction of plastic flooring, vinyl flooring and industrial population in Vietnam