Keido is a brand of Japanese style laundry detergents and detergents. The main colors of the Keido logo are blue and white, symbolizing the unique and clean feature of the product.
Keido was established with the mission of bringing smart and convenient solutions to users, saving time and economy in the family. With the motto "Clean and convenient", with a team of experienced and highly specialized staff, Keido is committed to bringing customers the best quality products, ensuring hygiene and safety for users' health. , and at the same time meet all the needs of washing and cleaning in daily life.
Keido's products are manufactured and tested to ensure compliance with standards and are safe for users in the production process and product quality control with the company's dedication, responsibility and reputation. Besides, Keido also pays special attention to the protection of the environment and natural resources, so all products from Keido have environmentally friendly ingredients, do not cause pollution and do not affect health. human health.
With the prestige and reliable quality, Keido is gradually gaining the trust of many customers in the Vietnamese market.
Keido's laundry detergents and detergent products are designed and manufactured to meet key consumer needs, including:
1. Maximum washing efficiency: Keido laundry detergent helps to remove stubborn stains on clothes and household items, leaving them clean, fresh and fragrant.
2. Safe for health: Keido laundry detergents and detergents are manufactured from natural ingredients, ensuring no harm to human health and environmental friendliness.
3. Easy to use and save: The product is designed to be easy to use and economical, saving time and money for consumers.
4. Diversity of categories: Keido offers a wide range of laundry detergents and detergents with different uses and scents, meeting the diverse needs of consumers.
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