Raised floor - rooms smart solution for Data, IT, Server ...

Using raised floor system is a perfect solution for engineering and bring many advantages for the construction and use in modern buildings. Techniques used floor system will help investors or users save huge expenses when there is demand for change, repair, replacement technology, engineering underground ...
Characteristics of raised floor
- Backfill goes kinds wiring, pipes, underground techniques will be gone in the middle of the floor two.
- Protect the wiring, cables or any material underfloor nothing to avoid the abuse of insects, chemicals or humidity of the concrete floor by shelving systems are designed to suit for each project, each type of equipment placed on the subfloor.
- Reducing noise, vibration damping device during operation.
- Eliminate less Ion + environment to create more accurate operation of machinery placed on the floor. Minimize electrical current on people even when there is a problem and explosives.
- No lead fire, allowing the device to move the time when the problem of fire.
- Create a dry environment, clean the equipment to the floor.
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