Hanwha plastic floors are manufactured in Korea by Hanwha Group specializes in plastic products (Hanwha is reputed No. 06 set in Korea). Hanwha plastic floor is made from 100% natural raw materials, including plastics in primary 30%, 70% is stone powder and other additives.
Hanwha plastic floor meets all the requirements of the environment and humans.
The difference between Hanwha plastic floor and plastic flooring is not common shrinkage temperature difference occurs, because Hanwha plastic floor is composed of 6 layers, particularly layers of fiberglass (Glass Fiber Layer) prevents shrinkage / prevent shrinkage. This phenomenon often occurs in North Vietnam for temperatures between Summer and East there is a very high temperature difference of up to 25 degrees C. In addition, Hanwha plastic floor is also mulched and UV stiffener surface shader (UV layer). Hanwha product designs are rich and diverse, just the wood and stone so lifelike. With these characteristics Hanwha plastic floor is the top choice for your floor.
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Hoang Ha Industrial Group – IBT Group, formerly known as Hoang Ha Trade Promotion Investment Joint Stock Company and IBT Hanoi Co., Ltd., was developed and established in 2012. Up to now, IBT Group has become become one of the leading corporations in Vietnam operating with 3 main business segments:
- Industrial Finishing Materials
- Civil interior and exterior materials
- Manufacture of Paints, Glues and Adhesives